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How your ship has probably been Cyber Attacked already
14 April 2017

by George Ward, ECDIS Ltd Project Support

You have either been hacked... or just didn't know you have been hacked.

I predict that the first catastrophic maritime cyber incident will not be the result of a direct attack on a specific, safety critical piece of equipment. It will be the result of an infection on a random PC, perhaps through an unassuming email to a crew member, whose PC is either connected to the vessel's internal super highway or he transmits the infection internally whilst it lies dormant. Cryptolocker, or Ransomware software (used by thousands of hackers) are easily available to download on the dark web. Neither of them may necessarily attack the equipment they infect; they can lie dormant and infect connected equipment when nobody expects. You have been warned.

The LED Revolution
03 October 2016

by Dr Nick Ward FRIN AFNI CEng CITP, Director of Research General Lighthouse Authorities of Great Britain & Ireland (GLA R&RNAV)

The last 50 years have seen a complete revolution in light sources for aids to navigation and the General Lighthouse Authorities of the UK & Ireland (GLA) have been at the forefront of these changes.

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